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Hi, I'm Dwayne, the Store Guy. Welcome to the Store of Loathing, your former source of quality Kingdom of Loathing merchandise.

We have a new store for physical goods!
It's run by the lovely folks over at TopatoCo, and can be found here.

KoL Comic PDF (Issue #1 through #6)
($3.00 each)

Which one:

PDF? What does that even mean? Plush Daddy Fly? Apparently these are all the rage or something. Purchasing this item will allow you to download a PDF of the comic for your omigod-its-the-future reading pleasure. We need to have an email address to send your download link to, though!

Please note that this is the PDF only -- if you want a physical copy, you should check out IndyPlanet here.
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Mr. Card Game
($39.95 plus shipping via Amazon)
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People always say: "You guys. Your art. It is so amazing. You should license it to other companies." So we did, and this is the result: A board game based on our very own Kingdom. Play with your friends, in real life! And if you don't have any friends in real life, just start playing it by yourself in public, and friends will magically appear.

Visit to buy your copy today!