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Hi, I'm Dwayne, the Store Guy. Welcome to the Store of Loathing, your former source of quality Kingdom of Loathing merchandise.

Right now we're in the process of setting up a new store with some lovely physical objects, but you can still get some digital goods if that's your thing.

KoL Con 12 Stuff
KoL Con 12 Registration ($25.00)

Friends, the time is upon us -- the time for KoL Con 12. The twelfth annual Kingdom of Loathing convention will take place in Mesa Arizona, September 25th to 26th. Will there be twelve angry gnomes there? Or maybe Twelve Monkeys? You'll have to come to find out!

We've got over 21 flavors of fun in store for you. Casino Night on Friday, allowing you to pretend to be in a casino, gambling for fabulous prizes. During the day on Saturday there's the usual BBQ, with free food and beer for registered attendees, and jealousy for those who are not present. Saturday night we have arranged for a magical evening with some wizards. Fireball, fireball, fireball!

There's also a bunch of pseudo-official, semi-official, quasi-official, and not-at-all-official events going on before and after Con. Details about all of this stuff are available in this forum post.

Pre-registering for KoL Con helps us out a ton, allowing us to better plan events and tell our caterers how much food we'll need. You can theoretically register once you arrive in Mesa, but that's not how the cool kids like to roll. You must provide the KoL player name or playerid of each person you're registering, so that we can properly identify you and process the registration(s).
KoL player name(s) or playerid(s): (REQUIRED)   

NOTE: Please don't register unless you are planning on attending the event. It's important that we have a somewhat accurate idea of how many people will be coming. Any in-game Con souvenirs will be given to attendees only!

KoL Con 12 Shirt ($20.00)

Pay no attention to the shirt hiding behind this curtain.

What better way to commemorate your visit to KoL Con 12 than with this glorious souvenir gray T-shirt (glory dependent on to-be-determined art.) Order now, and it'll be waiting for you when you arrive on Friday night. These shirts must be ordered by September 8th, so we'll have time to get them printed.

NOTE: These shirts are for Con attendees only -- we're not going to ship them anywhere, because the post office gets mad at us when we try to ship venomous reptiles.
KoL player name(s) or playerid(s): (REQUIRED)   

KoL Comic PDF (Issue #1 through #6)
($3.00 each)

Which one:

PDF? What does that even mean? Plush Daddy Fly? Apparently these are all the rage or something. Purchasing this item will allow you to download a PDF of the comic for your omigod-its-the-future reading pleasure. We need to have an email address to send your download link to, though!

Please note that this is the PDF only -- if you want a physical copy, you should check out IndyPlanet here.
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Mr. Card Game
($35.95 plus shipping via Amazon)
Click photo for enlargement

People always say: "You guys. Your art. It is so amazing. You should license it to other companies." So we did, and this is the result: A board game based on our very own Kingdom. Play with your friends, in real life! And if you don't have any friends in real life, just start playing it by yourself in public, and friends will magically appear.

Visit to buy your copy today!